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Veterinary Clinical Parasitology

A wonderfully complete handbook with over 450 excellent photomicrographs and photographs to aid in diagnosis. Features expanded information on quantitative egg counts and includes images, descriptions and diagnostic techniques written in simple, user-friendly terminology with tabbed sections for ease of use. Authored by Anne M. Zajac and Gary Conboy on behalf of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists.


Code: B-301
Eighth Edition
$69.00 US



Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual

A spiral, soft bound, 244 page reference manual authored by William J. Foreyt. Details life cycles, importance, location in host, zoonotic potential, current literature as well as diagnosis and treatment. Features 520 photographs and drawings plus over 56 tables. Includes usable, easily understood material i.e., how to perform and prepare fecal material for analysis, how to identify what you see in your microscope, etc. A very cost effective, affordable and invaluable tool for the goat herder and livestock owner.


Code: B-300
Fifth Edition
$55.00 US




AI 101 - Introduction to Caprine Artificial Insemination

A long awaited booklet giving precise step-by-step instruction in the handling, storage and use of frozen caprine semen. Gives explanation as to why certain methods are in common practice and details proper modern techniques and equipment. Discusses the selection of AI candidates, assessing estrus in the doe and the methods of both cervical and trans-cervical AI.


Code: B-303
Ssecond Edition
$8.95 US




Introduction to Assisted Caprine Reproduction

Includes an introduction to detailed information with regard to most aspects of caprine reproduction. Offers many full color photographs and illustrations. Points of interest include anatomy and physiology of the caprine reproductive system, reproductive behaviors and assessment, candidate selection, artificial insemination and its methods, embryo transfer, semen collection and processing. Easily understood by the new producer, while offering practicable techniques and description to the well advanced technician.


Code: B-304
Second Edition
$14.95 US



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