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BIO-Dual "O" Ring Style Gun

Very similar in style to the French Goat Gun, with the same "O" ring for locking sheaths in place. This 12 3/4" gun has a plunger designed for ease of semen deposit. Take advantage of the versatility in being able to use both .25 and .5 cc straws with this gun! Use with our green-split insert (S-204), or Apex French sheaths (S-208) for .25 and .5 cc straws. 
The BIO Dual Gun can also be used for laparoscopic insemination using .25 or .5cc straws with the L-204 Laparoscopic AI Sheath.. 

Code: G-204
BIO Dual "O" Ring Style Gun
$24.95 US

Additional Parts:

$4.75 S-204  Insert/Split Sheaths 20 pkg

$7.15 I-204  Individual Wrapped Insert/Split 20 pkg

$8.50 S-208  Pinnacle/Split Sheaths, 5 pkg

$13.95 I-208  Individual Wrapped Split 5 pkg

$0.95 O-204  "O" ring/repl part

$6.95 L-204  Laparoscopic AI Sheath w/split 20 gauge needle


BIO Hi-Bred Gun

Our exclusive custom gun for the serious AI technician. A high quality, all stainless steel 12 3/4" deer and elk gun for both .25 and .5cc straw application. This new design prevents the common occurrence of semen leakage into the sheath, with a more secure locking method than standard "O" ring or hub designs. This gun boasts the most efficient, fool-proof design on the market today. Use with our blue insert (S-203) style or Apex sheaths (S-209). 
The BIO Hi-Bred Gun can also be used for laparoscopic insemination procedures using a .25 or .5cc straw with a L-203 Laparoscopic AI Sheath..

Additional Parts:

$4.75 S-203  Insert Sheaths-Blue 20 pkg

$7.15 I-203  Individually Wrap Insert-Blue 20 pkg

$8.50 S-209  Pinnacle Sheaths 5 pkg

$13.95 I-209 Sterile Indv Wrapped Sheaths 5 pkg

$6.95 L-203  Laparoscopic AI Sheath with 20 gauge needle


Code: G-203
BIO Hi-Bred Gun
$28.95 US


Continental Gun

This 12 1/4", .5cc straw gun is a long time favorite of many technicians and much resembles the cow type guns. The plunger and barrel are made of stainless steel with an aluminum locking ring. The unique design of this gun enables the technician to be quite flexible, with the ability to bend the straw slightly for the hard to penetrate cervix. It is designed for use with our flared end sheaths (S-205). The Continental Goat Gun has been discontinued, however, we will continue to carry supplies until inventory has been depleted.

Additional Parts:

$11.50 S-205  Continental Sheaths 20 pkg

$18.95 I-205  Individually Wrapped Sheaths 20 pkg

$3.75 O-205  Alum Lock Ring/repl part



Disposable Gun

Each 13" sterile, disposable insemination gun is manufactured from polystyrene with a steel plunger, sized for use with either .25cc or .5cc straws and individually wrapped. These single use guns need no additional sheath and are ideal for the technician who desires full cervical penetration with a reduced risk of uterine infection.


Code: G-206
$7.00 US



Laparoscopic AI Sheath

These sheaths have a 20 gauge needle tip, are individually wrapped and suitable for use with either a .25 or .5cc straw.


Code: L-203
For use w/BIO Hi-Bred Gun
$6.95 US

Code: L-204
For use w/BIO Dual Gun
$6.95 US


Pinnacle French Sheaths

These sheaths are preferred by technicians who desire the smaller diameter tip, aiding in a deeper penetration of the cervix with less risk. The  "needle type" tip is fused to the sheath offering increased safety and is suggested for use by the beginning AI Technician. These sheaths are suitable for use with the BIO Dual "O" Ring Style gun (G-204) using the split style, or the BIO Hi-Bred (G-203) goat gun using the standard (S-209) style.


Apex French Sheaths

$8.50 S-208  Pinnacle/Split Sheaths 5 pkg

$13.95 I-208  Individually Wrap/Split Sheath 5 pkg

$8.50 S-209  Pinnacle Sheaths 5 pkg

$13.95 I-209 Sterile Indv Wrapped Sheaths 5 pkg


Insert Sheaths

These are the best thing since the introduction of sliced bread! A PVC sheath designed with an insert that provides a secure seat for the straw. The insert prevents any seepage of product back into the sheath when depositing the semen. This sheath accommodates both .25 and .5 cc straws, great for those breeders using imported semen without the expense of a new gun. These sheaths are suitable for use with the BIO Dual "O" Ring Style gun (G-204) using the split (S-204) sheath or BIO Hi-Bred (G-203) goat gun with the blue insert (S-203) style.


Insert Sheaths

$4.75 S-203  Insert  Sheaths-Blue 20 pkg

$7.15 I-203  Individually Wrap/Insert-Blue 20 pkg

$4.75 S-204  Insert/Split Sheaths 20 pkg

$7.15 I-204 Indv Wrapped Insert/ Sheaths 20 pkg


Protective Storage Cases

Easy to use see-inside, clear, high quality containers for storing your deer and elk sheaths, vaginal swabs and gun. Economical enough to have one for each type of gun and sheath you have on hand. No more supplies knocking around in your AI kit, laying potential for uterine infection due to contamination.


Protective Storage Cases

$2.00 C-05 Gun Holder

$7.95 C-10  Sheath Holder

$8.95 C-16  Swab Holder


Sanitary Sheath Protectors

This clear plastic oversheath can be used with any model AI gun. When the gun is in position at the "os", simply pull back on the finger slot in the oversheath and it will tear-away from the gun as it enters the cervix. Its protective cover maintains a clean instrument thereby reducing the chance of contamination of the uterus and improving embryo viability. Especially handy for those "old school" AI technicians who do no use a thaw unit.


Code: S-280
80 pkg
$9.95 US


Non Spermicidal Lubricant

This non-spermicidal jelly is water-soluble, stable, non-greasy and spreads evenly. It is ideal for lubricating vaginal speculums, rubber products (such as syringes), rectal thermometers, etc. and can be used during obstetric procedures such as lubrication for kid delivery.  The consistency of this product effectively minimizes irritation to the sensitive skin of the vulva area and the delicate mucous membranes of the cervical canal, while maintaining the viscosity necessary to adhere to the vaginal speculum.


Code: L-800
5 oz
$3.65 US


Sterile Lubricant

A sterile, greaseless, unscented and water soluble lubricating jelly with a stable consistency, ideal for use with vaginal speculums. This product has been trusted by veterinarians for decades and has been proven to consistently maintain high percentages of both total and progressive motility in timed semen viability studies. You will find this lubricant to not only be well suited for AI, but for ultrasound and kidding procedures as well.


Code: L-804
4 oz
$3.95 US


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