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BIO-Complete AI Kits

Whichever flavor BIO-Complete AI Kit you decide on, it will come complete with everything you need to successfully perform artificial insemination procedures as they specifically apply to the goat. The BIO-Complete AI Kit is the only heated kit on the market, and includes our exclusive BIO-Thaw Unit. All BIO-Kits come with our BIO-Case, BIO-Warming Pad, your choice of AI gun; the BIO Hi-Bred (G-203) or the BIO Dual "O" ring style gun (G-204), one package of sheaths to match your selected gun, a BIO-Speculum (BS-200), speculum brush, pair of tweezers, straw cutter, lubricant, your choice of BIO-Thaw Unit complete with either an Analog Thawing Thermometer (T-500) or our BIO-Booted Digital Thawing Thermometer (T-502), cleaning swabs, AI Instruction Booklet, BIO-Insemination Reports (6 pkg) and the BIO-Light (BL-100) for your light source. Listed here are the various kits available, you choose what combination will work best for you. If you have any questions please be sure to give us a call, we will be happy to try to help you decide which kit is right for you.

BIO-Dual BIO-Light Kit

$175.25 KBD-703A   Includes the G-204, T-500, BL-100
$185.25 KBD-703D   w/ Digital Thaw Unit
BIO Hi-Bred BIO-Light Kit
$180.95 KBH-703A   Includes the G-203, T-500, BL-100
$190.95 KBH-703D   w/ Digital Thaw Unit


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