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Nitrile Gloves

Eliminate harmful powder residue that could dramatically affect the integrity of semen cells associated with some other gloves. These are the same, high quality, durable, long cuff gloves our semen processors wear during semen collection and processing.


Code: G-100
$16.95 US


Liquid Drencher

Easily cleaned, bulb type design dispenses 50cc liquid. Great for administering drench type medications.


Code: H-301
$4.95 US


Non-Spermicidal Lubricant

This non-spermicidal jelly is water-soluble, stable, non-greasy and spreads evenly. It is ideal for lubricating vaginal speculums, rubber products (such as syringes), rectal thermometers, etc. and can be used during obstetric procedures such as lubrication for kid delivery.  The consistency of this product effectively minimizes irritation to the sensitive skin of the vulva area and the delicate mucous membranes of the cervical canal, while maintaining the viscosity necessary to adhere to the vaginal speculum.


Code: L-800
5 oz
$3.65 US


Sterile Lubricant

A sterile, greaseless, unscented and water soluble lubricating jelly with a stable consistency, ideal for use with vaginal speculums. This product has been trusted by veterinarians for decades and has been proven to consistently maintain high percentages of both total and progressive motility in timed semen viability studies. You will find this lubricant to not only be well suited for AI, but for ultrasound and kidding procedures as well.


Code: L-804
4 oz
$3.95 US


Vaginal Swabs

Soft, 16" swabs clear excess vaginal fluid from your view. Improve your conception success rate by increasing your ability to visualize and locate the "os" for proper semen deposit.

Protective Storage Case


C-16  Protective Storage Case


Code: S-216
12 pkg.
$8.95 US

Code: I-216
Individually Wrapped, 12 pkg.
$12.95 US



Great for practicing loading your gun, if you are a beginner, without wasting semen. You can also use these .5cc straws to help test your level of straw penetration into the cervix or for the transfer and deposit or thawed semen from an ampule or other storage device.


Code: S-250
Clean, 10 pkg





Keep your supplies where you can find them. This rugged 19" AI equipment carrying case has a sure-grip handle and three clear cover compartments with seven separate bins for complete organization of your AI equipment, just in the lid! Nestled inside is a partitioned tote tray to comfortably organize and provide safe, clean storage for all your AI equipment and all your AI tools fit neatly inside! It even has a special outlet for your BIO-Warming Pad cord to heat your AI equipment prior to use. Also available with our BIO-Warming Pad (K-700).


Code: K-705
$19.95 US

Code: K-704
$40.95 US
Save over 15%, add the 
BIO-Warming Pad (K-700) now!


BIO-Warming Pad

This pad is to be used in our BIO-Case for the warming of your AI equipment prior to its use. It was designed to help you avoid "cold shock" to the semen and increase technician's conception rates. Tri-level heating, specific to the ambient temperature conditions, make this the only safe and proven warming unit. In most cases (above 32F) the 1st setting would be a most common choice. In cases of below freezing temperatures (below 32F) the 2nd setting, and the 3rd used in cases of extreme cold (below 0F).



Code: K-700
$22.95 US



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