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The diameter graduation and insertion rod make this the most comfortable and easily inserted speculum available today. Because of its conical shape this speculum will accommodate a variety of vaginal sizes. It is inexpensive enough to be used as a disposable unit, but with proper cleaning can be used many times over. Its superior design creates optimum light refraction when used with the BIO-Light (BL-100) but can be used with a variety of light sources including the Fiber Optic Sigmoidoscope.

Replacement Parts:


BS-201  Insertion Rod


BS-202  BIO-Optic Retainer


Code: BS-200
3-pc Small Complete Unit
$12.50 US

Code: BS-205
3-pc Large Complete Unit
$13.00 US


French Specula

Use what the innovators of caprine AI use, the medium sized, duck bill shaped vaginal specula. Provides easy insertion, comfortable vaginal expansion within the doe and one-handed operation when used with a head lamp.


Code: BS-220
$4.95 US


Speculum Brush

Soft, white nylon bristles allow effective cleaning without scratching delicate plastic and glass surfaces.


Code: BS-204
$3.75 US


Non-Spermicidal Lubricant

This non-spermicidal jelly is water-soluble, stable, non-greasy and spreads evenly. It is ideal for lubricating vaginal speculums, rubber products (such as syringes), rectal thermometers, etc. and can be used during obstetric procedures such as lubrication for kid delivery.  The consistency of this product effectively minimizes irritation to the sensitive skin of the vulva area and the delicate mucous membranes of the cervical canal, while maintaining the viscosity necessary to adhere to the vaginal speculum.


Code: L-800
5 oz
$3.65 US


Sterile Lubricant

A sterile, greaseless, unscented and water soluble lubricating jelly with a stable consistency, ideal for use with vaginal speculums. This product has been trusted by veterinarians for decades and has been proven to consistently maintain high percentages of both total and progressive motility in timed semen viability studies. You will find this lubricant to not only be well suited for AI, but for ultrasound and kidding procedures as well.


Code: L-804
4 oz
$3.95 US


Vaginal Swabs

Soft, 16" swabs clear excess vaginal fluid from your view. Improve your conception success rate by increasing your ability to visualize and locate the "os" for proper semen deposit.

Protective Storage Case


C-16  Protective Storage Case


Code: S-216
12 pkg.
$8.95 US

Code: I-216
Individually Wrapped, 12 pkg.
$12.95 US



The BIO-Light was created for optimum light refraction when used with the BIO-Speculum. It is the brightest and least obtrusive light source available. The Krypton bulb provides unsurpassed shielded light due to its unique recessed design. No more glaring light in your eyes! The BIO-Optic Retainer (included with the BIO-Speculum, BS-200) holds the light firmly in place. Two AA batteries included.

Replacement Part:


BL-101 Krypton Bulb Replacement


BL-105  On-Off Switch replacement


Code: BL-100
$34.95 US


BIO-Light Complete Set

Our complete light set has everything you need for easy viewing of the cervix and vaginal canal. This set includes our exclusive BIO-Light (BL-100) and BIO-Speculum (BS-200), giving you the optimum in light refraction and brightness. The BIO-Optic Retainer firmly secures the light in the position of your choice, assisting any technician in a clear and unobstructed view of the cervical opening. Two AA batteries are included in the set.


Code: BL-103
$43.95 US


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