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Artificial Insemination Kits
Complete with everything you need to successfully perform artificial insemination.
Books & Reference Material
Introduction to artificial insemination, veterinary parasitology books and reference manuals.
Fecal Analysis Kits
Complete fecal kits for parasite detection and control, monocular and binocular microscopes and supplies, specimen samplers, etc.
Insemination Guns & Supplies
A wide assortment of artificial insemination guns to choose from and supplies including sheaths, protective storage cases and lubricants.
Management Tools
Hoof trimmers, blood collection supplies, liquid drenchers, specimen samplers, antibacterial lotion, etc.
Microscopes & Supplies
Binocular and monocular compound microscopes and mini-microscopes, slides, cover slips, fecal kits, digital scale, etc.
Miscellaneous Supplies
Vaginal swabs, liquid drencher, sterile lubricant, BIO-Case and warming pad, forceps and scissors.
Nitrogen Tanks & Supplies
A wide selection of nitrogen tanks to suit your needs, tank inspection light attachments, canes and goblets, transfer boxes, liquid nitrogen measure stick.
Keep complete and accurate records with our insemination reports and tank inventory reports.
Speculums & Light Sources
Vaginal speculums, swabs, and cleaning brush, sterile lubricant, complete light sets, tank inspection attachments, etc.
Thawing Supplies
Featuring the exclusive BIO-Thaw Unit, cleaning swabs, digital and analog thermometers, straw tweezers and cutters, forceps and surgical scissors.


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