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BIO-Thaw Unit

Another BIO-Genics, LTD exclusive, this high quality stainless steel, oversized 16 ounce Thermax vacuum water bath insures precise straw thawing and temperature hold duration. The minimization of semen "cold shock" and extended cell viability was captured in the unique design of this unit. Complete with a dry compartment for gun storage and a high grade analog thermometer (T-500), or upgrade to our NSF Certified digital unit (T-502 F or T-503 C, please specify when you order). This is the only thaw unit available that enables easy cleaning of the dry compartment to prevent uterine contamination. Six swabs are included to clean the dry gun compartment with isoprophyl alcohol. This helps give you peace of mind, knowing that there are no straggling sperm cells, bacteria or viruses seeking a ride between each use. 

Replacement Part:


B-501  1.5v Battery Replacement Part


S-206  Cleaning Swabs 6 pkg. Replacement Part


Code: T-200
w/Analog Thermometer
$48.50 US

Code: T-201
w/Digital Thermometer
$53.50 US



Analog Thawing Thermometer

This analog thermometer has an easily read 1" F, dial type face, stainless steel stem and is known for its recalibration feature. It comes complete with a vessel and clip for safe keeping and protection of the quality sensor.



Code: T-500
$9.75 US


Read Right Thawing Thermometer

Know at a glance that you are in a safe temperature zone for the proper thawing of most frozen semen. Correct thaw temperature varies according to the technique used by the processor to freeze the semen. With this unique analog thermometer you can be sure you are within the range that most processors suggest. A 1" dial type face with a shaded F "safe" designated area takes out the guesswork.


Code: T-501
$16.95 US


BIO-Booted Digital Thermometer

This NSF Certified for accuracy thermometer has an easy-to-read digital LCD display. The BIO exclusive protective rubber boot helps prevent water from coming in contact with the LCD display when used in thaw units. This highly accurate thermometer offers an auto-off feature to extend battery life and a data-hold feature to record the temperature of the water bath at the time of insemination. The thermistor sensor is highly sensitive to give you the most accurate F  readings and it comes complete with a vessel and  clip for safe keeping.


Replacement Part:


B-501  1.5v Battery/repl part


Code: T-502
F range
$17.10 US


Straw Tweezer

Made for cryogenic straw retrieval these polyester tweezers have a long 6 1/2" reach and radius grip jaws that will not crush the straw in tense and rushed situations. Available for both the .25 and .5cc straw size.



T-607  .5cc, white


T-606  .25cc, red



Straw Cutter

Designed to quickly, squarely and precisely cut off a measured amount of the sealed end of .5cc straws, with a punch of the button. Made of nylon and a stainless steel blade, it is simple to disassemble and clean.


Code: S-251
$7.45 US


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