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EAZI-Breed CIDR Implant

While implanted in the female the CIDR II Small Ruminant Insert provides a source of the hormone progesterone. Removal of the insert results in a rapid fall in progesterone level while results in synchronization of estrus in those animals responding to treatment. Directions for use are included with each order. Use only the CIDR II Applicator Gun for insertion of CIDRs. CIDR II inserts are a single-use product, the applicator is designed for multi-use with proper sterilization. 


$8.15 C-01  Individual CIDR

$124.95 C-20  20 Pkg

$12.95 C-03  Applicator Gun


Hoof Trimmer

Constructed of fully heat treated, high carbon steel blades. The Teflon S coating inhibits rust. Shock absorbing handles are comfortable to grip with a locking latch safety feature.


Code: H-300
$19.95 US


Liquid Drencher

Easily cleaned, bulb type design dispenses 50cc liquid. Great for administering drench type medications.


Code: H-301
$4.95 US




F-900  Standard Kit


F-901  Deluxe Kit


F-905  Fecal Float Solution


F-911  Stainless Strainer

Complete Fecal Kits
As parasites continue to develop stronger resistance to available methods of treatment, the producer must work harder to identify who is needing treatment and to what degree. This easy to use, diagnostic kit provides the tools necessary to both identify and assess your herd's parasite load and type of infection. Save money by identifying before you treat, and treat with what will be effective. This kit helps you collect data you need o make those important choices.

The Standard Kit includes: Mini-Microscope (M-904), Microscope Slides (S-903), Cover Slips (C-903), six Specimen Slides with Case, six Fecal Analyzer Devices, Solution/Measuring Beaker, Instruction Sheet (complete with recipe for mixing your own fecal float solution), Carry Case, Surface Mat, and Mixing Sticks.

The Deluxe Kit includes: LCD Digital Microscope (M-906), McMaster Slide (S-905), Microscope Slides (S-903), Cover Slips (C-903), Digital Scale (S-900), Stainless Steel Strainer (F-911), Fecal Float Solution for the most accurate analysis, Solution/Measuring Beaker, Drop Dispenser, 35cc Syringe, six Specimen Slides with Case, Carry Case, Surface Mat, Sample Mixing Sticks, Mixing Vials,  and complete easy to understand instructions.



Fecal Float Solution

Volume quantities, at an affordable price. Ready-made and easy to use. Much more reliable, accurate and a whole lot less messy than mixing your own salt or sugar solution from scratch. This sodium nitrate solution provides a specific gravity of 1.25 to 1.30 and is ideal for use with either the McMaster Egg Counting Technique or the Fecal Analyzer Device method of parasite analysis.


Code: F-904
$18.40 US

U-Mix Fecal Float Solution

These U-Mix products are real money savers for those who want to perform their own internal parasite diagnostic analysis, but want to avoid the expensive cost of shipping the water! Just add one gallon water to the pre-measured container and shake vigorously; the product will dissolve into an accurate, saturated fecal float solution. The zinc sulfate base has a specific gravity of 1.18 for the most accurate analysis. Specific gravity values are necessary when using the McMaster Egg Counting Technique to insure accuracy in its methods. Homemade salt or sugar solutions are not recommended by the manufacturer.


Code: F-905
Zinc Sulfate/gal
$19.95 US

Fecal Analyzer Devices

Economical and disposable units for the large herd producer. Although sugar or salt based home recipe solutions can be used, all analysis produces the most accurate results when professionally manufactured sodium nitrate or zinc based fecal float solutions such as the F-904, F-903 or F-905 products are used.


Code: F-907
50 ct box
$24.95 US


Fecal Analyzer Kit

Keep your buck in good condition for the breeding season. Perform your own fecal analysis to determine any treatment necessary. Kit contains six disposable Fecal Analyzer Devices, 8 oz. bottle Fecal Float solution and technician instructions.


Code: F-906
6 pkg
$12.95 US


Blood Collection Units

Economically priced, sterile, glass vacuum tubes, needles and draw units for quick and easy blood draws. Can be purchased as individual complete sets for a single blood draw or in bulk for large herds. Used by producers for do-it-yourself DNA, pregnancy,  and a menu of other tests where whole blood is required.


$4.95 N-100  Individual 3-pc Set, each

$15.60 N-101  20g needles, 100 bulk box

$45.00 N-102  10ml tube, 100 bulk pkg

$3.95 N-103  Draw unit, each


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