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N770 DKGH Playboy’s Rock It N1678682

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Rock It is an extremely handsome buck that excels in the show ring due to his impressive general appearance and breed character, finishing his championship as a two year-old, but also has the production pedigree to back it up. Rock It is certainly among the best sons of SGCH ++*B J&R Spirit’s Dakota Playboy, an influential buck that needs no introduction.

Rock It’s dam, SGCH DKGH Enferno’s Rose, appraised FS91 (VEEE) at 7 years of age and was a force in the show ring during her prime. Rose not only had a son sell in the ADGA Spotlight Sale, DKGH Playboy Rushin’ In, but her daughter, CH DKGH Cid’s Raindrop FS90, was the dam of our 2015 ADGA Spotlight Sale Doe. Rock It’s full sister is SGCH DKGH Playboy’s Rosette 3-05 90 (VEEE).

Rock It has a beautiful Nubian head with great ears. His long neck blends nicely into an outstanding front end assembly. He is very strong and level over his back with plenty of length and levelness to his rump, and stands on strong feet and legs. He is passing these traits on to his daughters, along with outstanding udder shape and support. Leading the list of impressive daughters is SGCH DKGH Rockin’ Eve 3-05 92 (EEEE) who was 2nd place/2nd Udder Two Year-Old at the 2017 ADGA National Show. Other daughters include SGCH DKGH Rock It Erin 3-03 89 (VVEE), and DKGH Rock It Ellie who scored EX90 (VVEE) as a two year-old. His daughters are showing beautiful shape and balance to their mammaries with extension of the fore udder and high, wide rear udders. Size, capacity and correctness from smoothly blended does with excellent mammaries and a will to milk.

The success of his daughters has earned Rock It a position on the ADGA Elite Sire list and has him ranked near the top of the PTI list. He now has many sons showing up on the ADGA Young Sired Development program list.


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