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N821 Kitty’s Timothy’s Blake N1691219

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I call it the Graceful Tessa linebreeding program that has lead me to get and use Blake. Look at the pedigree, this buck has a stacked pedigree for 3,000 lb lactations and 5% butterfat. He descends from my strong Maternal PUREBRED Nubian line through Willow-Lane Avenue. SGCH Wingwood Farm Graceful Tessa, 5-02 EX 91 EEEE. She is one of the highest ranking does on the ADGA Elite doe list. If we are going to keep Nubians that are worth milking we need to breed for does like Tessa. I introduced Blake at a lower price hoping to get some people to try him and get more proof. I am hoping to have a herd of Nubians that are EEEE 91 milking 3,120 lbs of milk at 8 years of age, like Tessa did.


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