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Drakar definitely has depth of pedigree with his sire being ++*B Colquitt’s Wolfman Jack, who is well known for his impact on improving the Saanen breed. He has numerous champion offspring and has proven his ability to produce daughters with very tightly attached mammary systems.

Drakar’s dam, GCH Willow Lane Alana 5*M, comes from a long line of exceptional Saanens and is herself a fourth generation of continuous Grand Champion Drake family breeding! Her line is well known for very tight smoothly blended front ends, excellent mammary systems and high milk production. In both 1998 and 1999 Alana was awarded All-American awards by the NSBA. She was the 5th place Three Year-Old at the 1999 ADGA National Show. She also won Best Doe-In-Show and Best Udder-In-Show at the Utah State Fair. Alana’s DHIR records are as impressive as her show wins, she missed the Top Ten by 150 lbs. milk, 1 lb. butterfat and 3 lbs. of protein.

Not only does Drakar look good on paper, he is producing daughters that are improvements over their dams in both show and milk production! Both Willow Lane Beatrice 4*M and Willow Lane Cassandra 5*M (50% Sa:Nu) finished their championships at the 2004 Utah State Fair, becoming permanent champion does. Cassandra, pictured as a 1st freshener, was Grand Champion Recorded Grade, Best-Of-Breed, Best Doe-In-Show, Best Udder-In Show and topped the one-day milking competition at the 2004 Utah State Fair; Udderly Crazy Allure was the 5th place Milking Yearling at the 2005 ADGA Nationals. Another daughter, Willow Lane Blush 8*M 2-04 90 (EEEV), has a milk record of 2-02 305 2590 4.6 120 3.5 91.

Drakar has had daughters listed on the last three ADGA Top Ten Lists under the Experimental category. On the last ADGA Top Ten List he has three daughters with a total of eight listings between them. Based on the Drakar daughters we have, we suggest using him to improve mammary systems, front end assembly, top lines, and milk production. In a world where everyone is seeking the latest and greatest unproven pedigree buck, we offer for your use our proven Saanen buck +*B Willow-Lane Drakar.   ~ Daniel Drake, DVM


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