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Sylvio, 2-03 90 (EEV), is the product of a repeat breeding that produced one of the heaviest milking saanens that Willow Lane has ever had. Sylvio is a full brother to SG Willow Lane Sylvia 6*M 3-02 90 (VEEE). Sylvia was the #3 Top Ten Breed Leader with her lactation of 3-07 305 4600 135 111. Sylvia’s first lactation was equally impressive and a commercial dairyman’s dream at 1-07 681 6720 3.2% 212 2.7 181. It makes you wonder why we even bother with lactation curves when you could freshen yearlings like Sylvia and get 10 pounds of milk everyday for two years. Sylvio’s littermate sister is also milking like Sylvia, SG Willow Lane Villanova 6*M 2-02 89 (VVVE), she freshened as a yearling and has milked 1-01 579 5,260 2.6 136 2.8 146. If you want a consistent supply of milk, this buck is the one to use. Sylvio is also polled so you will have fewer kids to disbud as well. We decided to offer some semen to get more proof in other herds. Please note that after this initial offering, the semen price will increase.  ~ Dan Drake, DVM 


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