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S204 *B Vineyard View Tiber AI AS1574035

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Tiber is from the super strong Sartyr “T” maternal line, while adding in some older genetics as an AI son of Katsuo. We feel Tiber combines some of the best modern genetics with Titian, Clinton and Standout, while bringing forward some earlier exciting National Champions with Some Plum, Cachet, and Jordan. He is a big boy, with a ton of bone, extreme length, great legs and a nice head. Initially, we didn’t like his kids, but we are now very sorry we sold them, as they are growing into beautiful, long, level and wide kids. We preach patience, now we have to relearn it! NEWS FLASH – Tiber just tested with a ‘B’ allele for alpha S1 casein!  ~ Lauren Acton, DVM  


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